Fancy a cheap break in La France?

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Fancy a cheap break in La France?

Postby Dantheman » Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:37 pm

Big Hi to all!!
Happy birthday to you Chris :hello:
I will be fitting out my Mercedes Sprinter over the next few weeks,
he is called "Julius" before heading south for the winter with my dog "Bertie". Will be helping install under floor heating with a Spanish family in Galicia which will give me a chance to look around the area for a piece of land for my shipping container and veg patch!!So finanly leave France after 10yrs!!!!!!!.....
Kate will be in the Uk from the 2nd to 13th so I will be house sitting the house Ive built,Lots of space inside and out Scratch should be over. So open house, weather great,come and chill?
Much love to you all Daniel~san :cheers:
PS I am 40mins south of Poitier,s........................

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