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Tony Grant RIP

Post by Chris S-S »

I was told over the weekend that Tony Grant has sadly died on the 3 February in Australia, where he has been living for some years, I am sure we will all remember his sense of humour and he will be missed.

He had lived in Australia for a good many years, Sydney University where he worked has posted an obituary which can be found at : ... NRcbx4gM4o
Chris Selwyn-Smith

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Re: Tony Grant RIP

Post by Joviale »

Oh dear, and another one hits the dust.
I really liked Tony, I always thought of him as some sort of imp, with this peculiar sense oh humour than even his very serious university colleagues could help noticing. There's a couple of pictures of him in my photos on the website part of this page. I've no idea how to post them here, as i've given up the address i posted from ages ago.
Anyway, I always thought i might see him again someday, and now, well, too late!
I really think it would be nice to find an occasion to see each other again, before we're all bedridden or dead.
Just a thought, you know...
Hugs to you all
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Re: Tony Grant RIP

Post by Weed »

Chris S-S wrote:
Thu Feb 27, 2020 5:49 pm
Sydney University where he worked has posted an obituary...
well worth reading!

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