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Postby Joviale » Wed Nov 19, 2008 12:11 pm

(retrieved from the previous message board, from Rory)
Whilst enjoying Andy's excellentez egg an da chipz [15p]with a long glass of hot tea in dodgy-metal-holder preferrably seated in the 'gold-fish-bowl' offering a superior view of the top of Richmond high street[65 and 71s thundering past down the petersham-road]i would often enjoy listening to the enduring l'auberge-fave-raves'emenating from it's groovy old juke-box- Itchycoo park-smallfaces,both of Stephenwolf's hits born to be wild and Magic carpet ride!over the hills and far away-ledzep.
If i was lucky i might be joined by one of the local hippy-schoolgirls clad in duffel-coat,desert-boots and optional pre-raphelite-mass of frizzy-curls,[pass the petulia-oil!] HUBBA-HUBBA! lol but being their age a bunk-up was less on the cards for me than for my 'illustrious-elders' such as ...
If i can't dance to it, it's not my revolution

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