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R.I.P. Paul

Posted: Fri Dec 25, 2020 6:57 am
by Weed
i just found the following post on Paul Woodhouse's page, dated 8th November -

"I hope I’m not breaking sad news to any of his friends- but I have heard that this wonderful fellow Paul passed away peacefully last week. I knew him on and off since the 70s. Endlessly interested in things and people, he could be relied on for a new perspective and a cheering attitude. I always left his company feeling better than before, and I suspect he had this effect on everyone he ever ran into!
Very special one of a kind guy- I don’t think they’ll make one quite like him again."

he was squatting in Cross Deep before moving in to Grosvenor Road -- i remember him well, and was grateful for all the work he did helping sort out the utilities for the Warehouse -- more memories of him here -