News From Paul (N°?): The rosewood table

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News From Paul (N°?): The rosewood table

Postby Joviale » Fri Apr 04, 2008 6:59 pm

(posting this for paul who tried and whose message got eaten up.)

I was living in surbiton with kip, and I had this giant rosewood table that I didn’t want, I must have known people at Grosvenor road because one day these guys came by and asked if I had a giant rosewood table up for grabs.
A few days later the guys came back and asked if Kip and I would like to come and live with Dave and Marion at the road. So we did.
Later I opened up 100 crossdeep with Cloe and Cloe, then Janet Milford moved in with me. Some time later martin and Tina also moved to crossdeep.
Janet and I moved to a squat behind the railway in Kingston, then another squat in Kingston, then another squat in Kingston.
I moved to Poole Dorset and from there to Talley valley, from Talley I moved to nederland and that’s where I am now. If my memory serves me well that’s about it.
Love to you all, Paul
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