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Danny wrote:Hi peoploid's :friends: o 12Ere is some stuff from my memiore stick! N12
On the groundfloor lived a weird dutch man with his red/white VW camping van,
Jack with George & Maeve had the top floor as a separate flat. The galley kitchen had a bath
Under the work top, with electricity!!!! & no window sashes.Jack learning Sax on stair’s. I don’t remember who had the first floor.
Later Ric hard (mahogany head) took over top flat A lady with 2 blond kids was there for a while on
First floor..
Later Martin & Inger with baby Blossom had ground floor, It was there coming back from work via
The hole in the wall (cabbage patch) I was told No 7 had been demolished!!” I thought it was a
Wind up! Having been living in the loft at the time after returning from spain (missing the hottest
Summer on record)
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