Me myself & l

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Me myself & l

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:shock: :?: inserficient data. Me, that is me, myself & l live the city of Brest "Bretagne" This is my second year.
The French State has been good to me. I am an Official Alien with the right to remain in the republic l have french ID. I have no wish for citizenship.l have my UK * pot which comfirm's l am a born a UK "subject "Property of the King. I understand french but able speak little "my problem" The folk of many flavors & colours are very cool. The Kids super Cool. Arrived here Dead 2022. Born again 3 days later. Awoke firing on all 6 cylinders & plugged into the main's. Very very awake, * Orf at being recalled to this mess "Again" Bless you all. Pea's and love D...
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Re: Me myself & l

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glad you made it to the forum, Dan :)
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